Thursday, May 05, 2005

Dual Track

Prairie Angel has an outrageous accusation about the Centura Catholic hospitals in Colorado. According to an article/editorial from the Denver Post, these hospitals evaluate rape victims to determine their ovulation cycle status. If there're not likely to get pregnant, then the staff explains emergency contraception; otherwise they say nothing. Is that a catch 22? Kind of like a bank -- you can only get the loan if you don't need it.

More interesting, it appears the article has been pulled. I can't find the source. I would hope that it's been pulled because it's factually incorrect.

My feeling on the subject is this: Rape is a behavior that has a genetic component. If you "reward" those genes by permitting them to continue, you are doing no favors for the women of the future.

My feeling on this deception. Save your lies for the enemy. If you can't stand behind your beliefs honestly, then what are they worth?

5/5/2005 9:14 AM

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