Sunday, May 15, 2005

Galloway to Wag Finger at Senate

Gorgeous George will be here Tuesday to tell off the Senate. (Frank Warner talked about this last week.) Galloway will get a lot a press and be able to crow over his victory, which was no mean feat it's true. Maybe the results will play well in the UK, making him look more powerful, giving Respect some respect. He is an able politician and a large personality, but I think a malign one. One can never tell for sure about these things, but I suspect his hidden deeds will be catching up to him.

I don't think he will play well in the US. In fact I think, like Howard Dean, he will have a significant impact in pushing people to the right. The main difference being that, although they disagree with him, people generally like Dean.

5/15/2005 12:56PM EDT


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