Monday, May 23, 2005

Galloway's Missing Testimony

Wretchard has noticed the curious fact of a dog that didn't bark in the night. I have been saying that George Galloway did not necessarily score a major victory over the Senate last Tuesday. Sens. Coleman and Levin seemed to be trying to corral him into some particular corner, and may have succeeded. Apparently Wretchard feels the same way.

... The truly remarkable thing about Galloway's many meetings with Tariq Aziz was how much time the Iraqi was willing to devote to an obscure British backbencher with no official power. The unspoken question is why Saddam should take the trouble to bribe Galloway, if it were Galloway who was being bribed. The Senators were building a causal bridge to something, but to what? I am in no position to say, but will guess that Galloway's testimony and its disappearance from the Senate website can only be understood in the context of what Coleman and Levin were trying to achieve. My own sense is that the investigations are cautiously nearing far bigger game than George Galloway ...

5/23/2005 3:00 PM

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