Tuesday, June 21, 2005

EFF Action Alert

M. Simon writes that there is an EFF action alert concerning the Broadcast Flag. As near as I can tell, this is a mechanism being pushed by Hollywood to cut down on unauthorized copying. Unfortunately, it has the side effect of forcing manufacturers into maladaptive standards that will make your equipment less useful to you.

See, this is one of my points. Here is a legislative initiative that probably will effect me profoundly in the future. I have a very vague understanding of what it is, so I have to rely on mavens like M. Simon to help me out. The government, as established today, does not do anything for me that I don't know that I want it to do. It doesn't necessarily do the things I want it to do, but I have a better chance that way. If Congress can make Hollywood happy without making me unhappy, that's a good thing for them. My ignorance is their bliss

6/21/2005 9:02 PM

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