Thursday, September 01, 2005

Disaster Unspoken

There is no happy talk on Winds of Change today. The scope of the disaster in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast has apparently been hidden from us in order to minimize panic. At this point, I'm not sure how much damage could be done by panic. The situation is very bad. There are people still alive who will die today, tomorrow and the the next day. Let us find a way to help those we can help.

I would like to help. I imagine most people would like to help. I suspect that volunteers, at this point, will just get in the way. The situation is very bad, but I suspect that financial contributions will help somewhat, but be careful where you send them. Many people recommend the American Red Cross. InstaPundit has a long list. My father, from experiences many years ago, had high praise for the Salvation Army. If I hear of anything that sounds sensible, I'll post it.

One small suggestion: Some high profile blogger should start a spare housing network. I know many people who have extra room in their houses who could put up a family for a few weeks. We're pretty far from NOLA though.


M.Simon sent me that link to the Winds of Change post. His post also has a discussion of what to do next time. His main recommendation is the use of plug-in hybrids to protect against gasoline shortage, and conversely to serve as generators when the electrical power goes offline. This, I think, is a brand new idea.

My earlier post on plug-in hybrids is here.

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