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Why Krypton Was Destroyed

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Posted by biped on June 9th, 2000 06:24 PM:


Metropolis-- Twelve city blocks were instantly demolished today after what stunned witnesses described as "the loudest, most powerful fart" they had ever heard ripped through the downtown area shortly after lunchtime. The deadly blast, which left in its wake a noxious cloud that had citizens gagging and passing out like flies, seems to have originated near the Daily Planet building.
"It was horrible," said reporter Lois Lane, a witness. "I had just returned from my lunch date with another reporter, Clark Kent, after a large meal of tamales, chili, and bean nachos. Clark excused himself and ducked into a nearby broom closet, which he is often known to do for some reason or another. And then all hell broke loose."
Clark Kent could not be reached for comment, although co-worker Jimmy Olsen summed the whole thing up by saying, "This was bad -- by far the worst fart I've ever experienced. And I've been to a three-bean chili supper at Ted Kennedy's house."

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