Friday, May 06, 2005

Gorgeous George is Back

Sleazeball George Galloway has been returned as MP from a district in East London where the anti-war backlash and race-baiting caused a 26.2% swing against Labor. BBC has a video attached that you have to see. It is one of the most remarkable political conversations that I have ever seen. The Brits are different than us.

The interview with Jeremy Paxman can be selected from the upper right-hand corner. Within the video there is another choice to see the results announced. That is well worth the watch. Galloway's main opponent, Oona King, strikes me as a very likeable person. I suspect the results would have been different if instant runoff were the voting method in force there.

Note that Galloway uses the 100,000 number without reserve.

5/6/2005 8:54 AM

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