Thursday, June 23, 2005

Bush War on CO2

The President wouldn't put on the booties for fear that someone would make fun of him, but he is doing the right thing. He is pushing nuclear again. He made a mistake, in my opinion, going to a site with old technology, making fun of his inability to understand all the dials and controls. He needs to push the new technologies. We can't go back to the Westinghouse Rube Goldberg approach. Let's start talking pebble-bed reactors and control systems with the human factors ironed out. Maybe Apple could design the interface, and IBM write the software.

We need to get the radioactive waste underground, and Bush has done his best in that direction. Right now, he is approaching the power issue in a very tentative way and he needs to step it up. He needs to acknowledge the greenhouse problem and put us on an emergency plan. He needs to point out the problems of foreign dependency and the dangers oil represents to our economy. Alternative power sources, renewables, etc., should be developed, but they don't have a chance of meeting our needs in the foreseeable future, and don't tell me about hydrogen. Being Americans, we are not going to cinch our belts too tight, even if a Democrat were in the White House. The political reality is that only nuclear can begin to solve the problem. He should declare a War on CO2, raise taxes to cover it, subsidize nukes, reform the CAFE standards and subsidize American hybrid cars. I think it's a plan he could sell.

FrankWarner has posted frequently on the subject, for example, on Feb. 8, 2005, Feb. 20, 2005, April 3, 2005, and just last night. I might have missed some. I have posted on the subject myself on April 15, 2005, April 27, 2005,

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