Thursday, June 02, 2005

Clash of Civilizations

The Baron has been producing lots of good stuff on the Gates of Vienna recently. He has a strongly Christian, almost Crusader, point of view. He takes the position that most of us are being hopelessly naive and naively hopeful about this GWOT. You see, we don't choose our enemies, our enemies choose us. It remains to be seen, he thinks, whether the Muslim world will choose to be our enemy. Our policy has been to reduce the likelihood of that choice, but it is ultimately not in our hands. He also discusses an article by Orson Scott Card, who gives his perspective as a Mormon concerning the benefits of religious liberty.

Orson Scott Card, as an author of very popular fantasy books (and other genres), rates a major position in our household library. (Not everbody admires OSC. If you need to see a bad review, you can find a vicious one here. Contains spoilers.)

There is followup discussion on Gates of Vienna. You should read the more recent stuff too. I have to admit that the Baron and Oriana Fallaci pique my paranoia. I can’t dismiss them easily.

6/2/2005 12:52 AM

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