Friday, December 09, 2005

Yoohoo, I'm Baack!

The floor is done and some of the furniture is back. The story of my computer hutch (I'm told it is not officially a credenza) was epic. It's a huge red oak affair that weighs more than several people can lift by quite a bit. Since I didn't want to have to rewire everything, I pushed it, as is, from the dining room into the kitchen on its wheels, which were meant to be temporary. Unfortunately, the wheels broke off one side as it went over the threshold between the rooms. Since I was under the gun to get the room cleared, my daughter helped me push it up a makeshift ramp that we built in the kitchen. And there it sat, even after the floors were completed, defying my headscratching best ideas to get it back to its homeland.

A friend finally gave me some useful advice. Just lever up the ends with a two-by-four to get something under it. I did just that. I broke off the wheels on the other end as well and put felt sliders underneath, then tried to slide it off the ramp. Unfortunately the ramp moved along with the hutch, scratching the newly finished floors. A comedy of errors. I think the scratches will come out, or newer ones will make them look normal. We struggled some more and got it in place, with some actual improvements. My daughter patiently untangled the wires for me. My wife helped me arrange things a little better. At any rate, I'm back on line. And tired too.

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At Monday, December 12, 2005 2:23:00 PM, Blogger mal said...

we are gutting the basement bathroom. You have my DEEPEST sympathies and I will send them along as soon as I dig it out of the dust


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