Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pipes:The Criminal Form of Islam

Prisons in the US should be focused on real criminals, not drug addicts. Unless the inmate has diagnosable mental problems, sentences should be relatively short and uncomfortable. The strategy should be culture modification. IMO, solitary confinement is the appropriate way to handle lawbreakers, with a great deal of oversight, instruction, rehabilitation and, on being released, transfer to distant halfway houses. The money saved from ending the drug war will easily pay for all this.

One of the reasons to do all this is to end the culture of racism, gangsterism and now, religious extremism, which has taken hold in our prisons. Daniel Pipes has posted an article on the religious aspect.

M.Simon of PowerAndControl talks about the consequences of the drug war frequently. Here's his recent post on the DEA's nostalgia for Prohibition. Here's another anti-prohibition site that posts some interesting stuff. Peter Guither's latest post looks forward to the day when we do drug war re-enactments.

9/8/2005 9:11 AM

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